Self-acceptance Through Movement

Embodied Pilates & Somatic retreat

JUNE 13 - JUNE 20, 2020


Reconnect to Your Body and Discover what it’s telling you in this Relaxing and Rejuvenating Retreat in Ikaria

Join Erika Ferguson in this Blue Zone and experience a blend of energizing Pilates morning practices and Somatic Inspired evening classes against blue skies and turquoise waters.


In this retreat, the classes will address many themes including deep core integration, finding your neutral spine, neck and shoulder girdle preparation in order to strengthen your body, improve your posture and explore movement as preventative medicine. 

We will learn about proper biomechanics of Pilates movement and explore what the right modifications or advancements for each individual are and see if any surprises appear along the way. Plan to show up ready to delve deep into the Method of Pilates while making mindful choices on how to remain present and connected to your body.

If you are a beginner, this is an unmissable opportunity to really light your Pilates fire! For those who are already passionate about it, this week will be your chance to take your practice to the next level with a Master teacher who will challenge and inspire you.


Erika discovered and fell in love with Pilates while dealing with chronic back and neck pain associated with scoliosis and a car accident. She found that the controlled movements in Pilates helped her better connect with her body and transformed her overall health, allowing her to get back to her regular workouts and activities pain-free. 

A certified STOTT* Advanced Mat Teacher, she is also a Certified Yoga Teacher YTT 300hrs, STOTT* Intermediate Reformer, Level 4 Total Barre instructor, Pre and Postnatal Pilates Teacher, creator of RIO Method Barre* now TPBHFX Method Barre (The Pilates Barre Halifax Method Barre) and creator of Barrelesque.

She has also taken courses specializing in neck, shoulder and pelvic rehabilitation. In May of 2019, she opened The Pilates Barre Halifax, located in the North End Hydrostone neighbourhood of Halifax. Passionate about teaching people rather than just instructing them,

she is a stickler for proper form and pushes people to perform each move to the best of their ability, to feel good in their bodies and move more efficiently through their day. 

She believes in a Somatic approach to connect with and reprogram the neuro-messaging system in your body to heal injuries and prevent future ones. With her keen awareness of the body, knowledge and expertise in safely moving bodies for over 15 years, she has become a trusted name in Pilates and queen of barre in the HRM.

"I love helping people build better connections with their bodies." 

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Your Hotel & Venue

This unique retreat week takes place at the mythical island of Ikaria, one of five places in the world known for people who live long, healthy lives.  

Nestled among tall trees, and at a short distance from the many attractions, such as monasteries, wineries and archaeological sites, the hotel and venue has a deep sense of calm and space with views to the Aegean Sea. 

The venue blend harmoniously with the raw landscape of Ikaria and their large outdoor areas and pool are ideal for lazy afternoon siestas and reading. Experience gorgeous sea views that will take your breath away. 

The location is ideal for walking everywhere you want and explore! The beach is just 30 minutes away on foot while the lil' fishing village of Gialiskari is a beautiful 40 minutes walk.


Day 1

Day 1

Day 1

Morning: Arrivals

Late afternoon: Introduction Pilates class

Day 2

Day 1

Day 1

Morning: Pelvic floor and

Deep core connection Workshop

Late afternoon: Find Your Neutral Spine

Day 3

Day 1

Day 3

Morning: Neck and Shoulder Girdle Prep

Late afternoon:  Pilates Mat

Day 4

Day 4

Day 3

Morning:  Spinal Mobility Flow

Late afternoon: Visit the Theoskepasti Monastery and savour traditional Greek desserts  

Day 5

Day 4

Day 5

Morning:  Pilates Mat Standing Work

Rest of the day: Swimming, relaxation and optional 'fun-but-good-for-you' activities.

Day 6

Day 4

Day 5

Morning:  Master the Fab 5!

Late afternoon: Pilates Release Work

Day 7

*Day 9

Day 7

Morning:  Legs For Days

Early afternoon:  Spinal Mobility and 

Core Stability 

Evening: Cooking class & Wine Tasting with dinner and shopping. 

Day 8

*Day 9

Day 7

Morning: Breakfast followed by goodbyes

Afternoon: Departures

*Day 9

*Day 9

Note about the schedule

You have decided to extend your stay in Greece. So excited! You Island-hopping adventure begins here! 

Note about the schedule

Note about the schedule

Note about the schedule

A more detailed schedule and travel arrangements will be shared with you upon registration and arrival.

Authentic Greek cuisine straight from grandma's recipe books. Enjoy a delicious homemade vegetarian or vegan menu, prepared with love and care by
our personal chef.
Healthy and flavorful dishes are made with seasonal local produce straight from the local farmer's market. 

(We accommodate most dietary needs and we make sure all our guests will enjoy the unique Greek cuisine without limitations.)


Trip Additions: For anyone looking to enjoy greater freedom, we suggest hiring a car to explore the island on your own. Vehicle hire is available upon request for an additional fee.

your investment

Shared Accommodation (Double Room) - $2,330 pp (all taxes incl.)

  • Enjoy your own bed in a shared bedroom with either a friend or another retreat guest. This option comes with all of the amenities of the hotel.

Single Accommodation - $2,530 pp (all taxes incl.)

  • Do you want to have the whole room to yourself? This option offers a private bedroom to be enjoyed alone for a more relaxing and private retreat experience.

EARLY BIRD pricing ends March 31st, 2020. Register your spot before and receive $150 off.


A non-refundable deposit of $600 required to reserve your place in the sun!

Payment plans are available. Pricing is in Canadian Dollars.

Space is limited.




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