A treasure in Epirus

The famous Zagorohoria: Stone villages, bridges and monasteries, masterpieces of architecture, culture and history, humanity and nature in harmony.

Towering mountains, virgin forests and impressive gorges;  a wild and evocative landscape. Zagorohoria – to give the area its full name – is a cluster of stone villages, masterfully constructed  bridges and monasteries carved into the mountains. It’s a pure and seductive holiday destination for all seasons. You’ll discover its beauty walking along the Vikos Gorge, staring up at the Astrakas Mountain peak, listening to the rumble of the Voidomatis River and admiring impressive Mt Timfi.

You’ll feel it walking with your lover or friend in the mystical fog of Papingo, visiting the old monasteries and churches, or just relaxing by the fireplace in a luxurious guesthouse. Zagori is a priceless treasure waiting to be discovered.

What to do in Zagori

  • Hike the Vikos Gorge
  • Explore the village of Papingo
  • Visit the Drakolimni
  • Learn about the Zagorohoria craftsmanship & traditions
  • Discover the secret art of stone
  • Walk through ancient forests to Spileotissa Monastery